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New Construction

About Our solutions

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a resale homeowner we are here to help you build a custom home. This journey can be an exciting and/or incredibly stressful for some home buyers. We strive to take the stress out of the experience by delivering best in class services to all our clients. We promise to deliver on construction quality, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Construction Quality

Your home will be built with state of the art technologies and materials that meet the latest building codes enacted by the state and local government. This also means that inspections will be completed at multiple checkpoints during the construction process. You can rest assured that any electrical, plumbing and energy efficiency features are being met with your new home. To add to this, you will also not have to worry about the normal (or not so normal) wear and tear already done to a resale home.

Energy Efficiency

While some homebuyers will tell you buying a resale house is a better deal then buying a brand new one, we beg the differ. Purchasing a new home allows you to buy  Energy Star-rated appliances that can reduce the use of electricity or gas and lower your utility bills.  As the builder we can also construct the home to have energy-efficient windows and more insulation, which can improve air quality. New furnaces, air conditioning systems, and heat pumps are far more effective than the heating and cooling systems from the past. Which means you can expect much lower energy bills.

Cost Effectiveness

When building a home that you will be living in for a long time and possibly passing it down to your children, you want to focus on cost effectiveness more than cost efficiency. Cost efficiency can lead to shortcuts that could be detrimental to your home's structure down the road. If you choose Equity Builders & Investment Partners you can ensure your home is being built the right way: NO SHORTCUTS. A home is a sound investment, if not the biggest investment for most families, allow us to be your partner during this journey.

At Equity Builders & Investment Partners we build single family homes that provide our clients with a predictable building schedule and personal design choices that reflect their creativity, all without the cost and unknowns of building a custom home.  We strive to provide an exceptional client experience that is stress-free and memorable all with the help of a knowledgeable professionals who will guide you every step of the way.

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